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  • Keenan Fonger

Snow in the Sky

It snowed the other day. Where I live, that doesn't happen everyday.

I quite like winter, which I suppose is a fairly Canadian thing to say. I enjoy the cold, the sense of quiet it brings, and the darker nights. It's a season where things feel like they slow down and I like that because life moves pretty quickly.

I have a very romanticized idea of winter. When I think of it, I think of log cabins, heavy carpets, crackling fires, and the utter silence of a midnight snowfall. And I think of the morning after, when everything is just white and there isn't a soul outside. I think of putting on three layers of socks, pajamas under my pants, two hoodies, a coat, and a scarf. It's all very nice.

I'm sure if it was snowing where the Moths were, they'd be taking full advantage. Snowball fights, sledding, making snowmen...

Of course, winter has its downsides. I'm sure everyone has their list. The top of mine would be waking up in a cold bed. But I prefer not to think about what I don't like cause that doesn't do much for me.

It's only here for so long, better to enjoy its good side than to sulk on the bad, right?

So here's to a lovely winter.


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