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  • Keenan Fonger


Let's talk about Carrot.

Originally, Carrot did not exist. In my first imaginings, the Moths were just five plucky kids going around in their ship (the Cricket) and getting into the right amount of trouble. Five was a good odd number. I was content with five.

But then my dog passed away. Her name was Kate, she was a border collie, and she was the perfect dog. I was sad and filled with feelings. As a way of expressing myself, I drew her from the photos I had. It is difficult to explain why art works as an outlet, but it did make me feel better.

This happened to coincide close to my university graduation and for my graduation we had to make an illustration. Since I was obsessed with this graphic novel idea (what would become In Flux), I was going to draw Manic making stew. However, I had Kate on my heart and on my mind, so I added a dog to the drawing. It wasn't Kate. Just a random border collie with a hat (because hats are fun).

I didn't think too much about it.

That's when I realized that five was not that good of a number. I was not content with five.

I added Carrot as the sixth member of the Moths and the team really, truly felt full.

Much like many parts of In Flux, the invention of Carrot felt like a discovery. It was obvious from the moment I drew Carrot with Manic that he was supposed to be apart of the story. This illustration of Manic and Carrot making stew served as the inspiration for the opening scene in In Flux : Sung Away Souls. It wouldn't be the same if it was just Manic.

So that's why Carrot exists. A dog for all the good dogs.

You may be wondering why the name 'Carrot'?

Who knows?

Well, I do, but for now it's my silly secret.


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